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For the Home Owners

  • Generates Needed Income
  • Multi-Generation Flexibility
  • Potential For Live/Work Space
  • Presents Care Giver Opportunities
  • Depreciation – Tax Deduction

For the Community

  • Option To Provide Affordable Housing (No Land Costs/Structured Incentives)
  • Addresses Wilmington City Council Major ADU Concerns
  • Cities Save Costs Of New Infrastructure
  • Distributed rather than concentrated development projects which Minimizes environmental and social impacts
  • Creates Heterogeneous Neighborhoods
  • Contributes Towards Economic Development – Rental Income Stays Local

About US

Housing Professionals have coined the phrase “Accessory Dwelling Unit” (ADU), to describe the trend where homeowners add a detached, or attached apartment for additional income or accommodating additional family, etc..

Presented here is a program to enable, incentivize and support homeowners to build ADU’s as affordable rental units

For the community this means leveraging private sector resources to create a scalable solution for additional affordable housing in welcoming, multi-generational and  diversified neighborhoods. 

Leadership:  Roger A. Gins, Executive Director. After graduating architecture school was hired as a development project manager in Myrtle Beach, SC of a PUD on the intercoastal waterway and a strip center in Socastee SC. 

After obtaining  an MBA, Roger became a construction lender for one of the largest banks in New York City, now part of JP Morgan Chase. From there recruited as the Chief Executive Officer of a medium size owner and developer owning 2,000 residential units and 1.2 million of commercial space, with development projects in 3 states.

 Was then  appointed by the Governor of New York State as  COO and SVP of 42nd Street Redevelopment Agency, one of the State’s largest redevelopment projects.  Went on to build Habitat Technologies that brought to market ”Smart  Building” technology to the Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) segment.

As a real estate advisor consulted firms specializing in Project and  Feasibility Planning,  Redevelopment Studies, Transaction Management.

Proposed Financial Incentive Program

Accomplished by offering advantageous financing terms on mortgages through Banks’ Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) commitments and other affordable housing initiatives.

  • Allow income from the projected rents to be included in qualifying income for the homeowner (applicant)
  • No lease-up risk as rents are below market
  • Set appraised values as the primary house plus an income producing property (ADU) and before construction to include the completed ADU in the property’s value (L/V) and market rental rates for the value.
  • Declining prepayment penalty
  • Offer discounted interest rate on the mortgage
  • Increase cash flow to home owners between $6,000 to $11,000
  • In Exchange – Restrict Rents to HUD “Affordable” Rates

Insure Project Success

Backyard Housing Group will provide the following services Feasibility / Pre-Qualify Homeowners

  • Assist In Sourcing Design Resources
  • Assist With Permits
  • Assist With The Construction Process
  • Tenant Relations
  • Program Enforcement

Contact Us

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